Friday, December 30, 2011

Carson's First Christmas

Wow! Did we have a busy Christmas! My head is still spinning and I have finally found some time to sit and rest....and what do I do instead of rest? BLOG! ha!

We squeezed 3 family Christmas get togethers into 2 little days!

Carson and I started the Christmas weekend off with breakfast with the girls Saturday morning at Broken Egg. This was Mollie's first time to meet Carson, and everyone else had not seen him in awhile either so of course he had to be passed around the table....which he loved! He enjoys being the center of attention.

Then we headed off to Derek's family Christmas lunch at his aunts. Lots of good food, gifts, and company :) We even had Jason's dad serenade us with his violin which was lovely. Baby Dylan has decided he does not want to be a Christmas baby so we are still patiently waiting on him. We all kept saying this time next year we will have 2 lil boys running around. So fun to think about. Here are a few pics from the day...

Carson & His Mimi

Then we headed to Christmas lunch #2 with my dad's side of the family. Lots of good food, gifts, and company :) No Pics taken :(

Christmas Eve we just spent some time as a family at home. Here is Carson in his Christmas pjs awaiting Santa's arrival.

Derek cooked a big breakfast Christmas morning and then made a trip to church in the rain. This was Carson's first time to be brought into the church service and not go to the nursery (only because there was no nursery not by choice). This went as I expected....unsuccessful. My mom spent 80% of the service in the church foyer with Carson because he was being a tad disruptive. My mom says he was just trying to sing christmas carols. HA! After church, we had some serious play time with all Carson's new toys and Derek and I opened our gifts to each other.

Later that afternoon we went for Family Christmas #3 at my parents house with my mom's side of the family.

Carson with his Honey and Pops

 Pops entertaining Carson

Thank you to everyone who made Carson's first Christmas so fun! Every day with him is a gift from God. Here a few photos from Carson meeting Santa...

Jana Dean Rodrigues did these photos. She's incredible and super easy to work with if anyone's interested in having photos done for any occasion.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh...this time last year....

This time last year I just found out I was pregnant with Carson.  I worked half a day on Christmas Eve and came home early. Derek had been out Christmas shopping so I was home alone (yes he does his christmas shopping the day before christmas...gotta love him!). So home alone and bored I think...why not take a pregnancy test? HA! I never in a million years thought I would read a big fat positive sign! Shocked is an understatement. I had been trying for 3 or 4 months to get pregnant and thought this was impossible due to the fact that I had not ovulated in about 4 months. I actually already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the next month to discuss this with my doctor and come up with a game plan. I prayed every morning on the way to work for a baby. and i mean EVERY MORNING. Anyways, I immediately ran to Walmart to buy more tests because I thought clearly that was a defective one. I was giddy!!..I was practically running through Walmart! But then came the realization and pessimist in me that althought I was pregnant I was still not guaranteed to carry this child to term. So if you know me at all, you can 100% picture me being a crazy-anxious-nervous wreck over this baby boy. I was terrified of losing him. I googled anything and everything about pregnancy all day everyday. I now have a google Ph.D. in pregnancy.  At times I literally thought I would lose my mind worrying over this baby. I did not want to tell anyone this wonderful news because with each person I told I thought I am jinx'ing myself I am getting my hopes up. So then I begin to pray everyday for a healthy baby and I mean EVERYDAY! and Here we are a whole year later and all my prayers have been answered :) This has been such an interesting day to reflect on because today went almost exactly like today last year went...worked 1/2 a day came home...except this year instead of the exciting news of being pregnant I have spent the day with the baby I prayed so hard for. We love you Carson to the moon and back :)

The past 3 Christmas have been quite memorable for Derek and I...
Christmas Eve 2008 Derek proposes
Christmas 2009 Our First Married Christmas Together
Christmas Eve 2010 I find out I'm pregnant
Christmas 2011 Our First Christmas with our First Child
Think we will keep the memorable Christmas going each year??We can sure try! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Status on our baby cousin Dylan: Still Waiting....

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Welcome to our blog! I have decided to start a blog to keep our family and friends updated on our new baby's life....and to document the memories of this precious angel's life. Hopefully to print out for him to read one day when he gets older so he can see just how special he is to us.

I have to admit I have become pretty addicted to reading other's blogs....some of these people I do not even know (crazy...i know). I have come across blogs from friend's blogs that have been so inspiring and comforting. Maybe i'm crazy but i have been in tears just reading stranger's blogs and will follow them week after week and even pray for their situations. Right now I am following a family with a young daughter battling cancer, a family waiting to adopt a baby after struggling with infertility, a family who had premature twins that i have watched struggle with health issues. All of these families I do not know but live right here in really keeps life in perspective for me. And makes me realize what I may call a bad day is actually a blessing to others.  After becoming pregnant and becoming a mommy, I realized I learned so much from reading other mom's blogs about what to expect with pregnancy and with the wild adventure of motherhood. So maybe whatever wisdom (very little) and experiences I have acquired may help the next person as well. So...a warning..if you are not into hearing ALL about my baby, then you may want to quite reading...He is the sunshine of my life, I think he is the cutest thing I have ever seen (Derek and I say this at least 3 times a day), and I think everything he does is just fabulous so basically if you do not want to hear all about the cutest sweetest baby in the world then you should probably quit reading. 

Derek and I have just welcomed our first child to our family. Meet our precious baby boy, Carson Michael Shive....
Born 11:30pm August 18, 2011. 7lbs 9oz 19 in.

This is a picture of Derek and I at the hopsital moments before Carson arrived. I love this picture of us because its funny to think at this moment we had no idea how much of our lives would change in a matter of moments. We had no idea the responsibility we were about to take on. We had no idea how much we could possibly love something. We had no idea how much our love for each other would grow. We had no idea how fun it would be to just stare at the face of a sleeping baby. We had no idea what no sleep felt like. We had no idea the amout of joy and thankfulness that was about to enter our life. We are no longer the 2 people in that photo for Carson has completely changed our world :)  

Fast forward to 4 months later.....
 This week Carson will be FOUR MONTHS OLD!
He is finally sleeping through the night. Whew! I worried he would never catch on to the whole sleep thing. My body is a little confused by all this extra sleep it is getting. And this sleep is finally now in his crib!
He is holding his head up like a champ now. He is laughing, smiling, squealing, and trying to talk. He has just started holding his toys in his hands. He is taking about 5-6 oz every 3 hours. And for the past few weeks he has been eating rice cereal, applesauce, and bananas on a spoon. He makes an absolute mess with it. Wants to put his hands in it and then in his hair. No one tell Dr. Jones we started food early...but i had a hungry hippo on my hands.
We are possibly teething?? I thought we had awhile until this terror began, but drooling everywhere and chewing on fingers. At times I think I sure hope he does not bite his finger off cause he really gets serious about it. 

Here are a few recent photos....

Carson's First Thanksgiving 2011

Loving Bath Time

Loving Strolling

Love that precious smile

Things we are excited about this month and post to come:
Baby's First Christmas
The Arrival of our baby cousin Dylan Patterson