Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Fall time...


We took two trips to Lena this November to see my Memaw and PawPaw. One just to visit and one for Thanksgiving.


Carson & PawPaw


Here is Carson in my cousin Christy's little girl's Leanna's Barbie Jeep.

This is Carson sitting in front of my grandparents barn (AKA shed painted like a barn)

Out in the country was the best place for our lil wild bull to play. He loved walking and running around and I loved it because I did not have to constantly pull him away from everything. He also loved chasing Miss Kitty around.....poor cat.




Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall time..

Whew Oct and Nov have gone in a flash...

Halloween 2012

We went with our friends Kristin & Hudson to Broadmoar's Fall Festival. The boys are not quite old enough to really get into it. But they we had a good time chatting and strolling and looking.
We also took a trip to New Orleans in early November with my parents & ross and sarah....This is us eating at Middendorfs
New Orleans injury...lil wild Indian slammed his face into the corner of the table. He recovered quickly and only cried about a grand total of 45 seconds :)

Our attempt at a family picture at the aquarium was a fail. I am not so sure our lil Carson even saw 1 fish or animal at the aquarium; he was far too busy running crazy! You can not hold him still these day. He is full speed at all times.
Derek & I
More of fall festivies to come....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Fair

Carson's 1st fair trip

At my new job, I get holidays off. What? Have you ever heard of such? a day off? HA This is a new world to me and I love it. So on Columbus Day (MY DAY OFF), Derek and I took Carson to the fair......

Derek and Carson sharing an ice cream cone

Our fair family pic. This is a terrible family pic...but a sweet memory I wanted to remember. I'll trade the terrible picture for a sweet memory anyday...but would love to have both. a great pic and a sweet memory...too much to ask?


Carson got tubes last week. So happy I do not have to constantly worry about ears anymore....(even though I AM still worrying about ears). It really was a breeze and not as traumatic as I had imagined. Everyone warned me including the nurses and doctor that when he woke up from surgery he was probably going to be pretty mad pissed. Nothing to do with pain but just mad. And they were exactly right. They call it some kinda of delirium. But when he woke up from surgery, the child was crazy crying. Nothing consoled him for about 15 minutes. It felt like 5 hours really. But that little 15 minutes was the worst part. We got there at 6:30am and by 10:00am we were home and Carson was back to his running climbing hollering wild self. Here are a few pictures of the day....

Mom, do I have to wear this dress?

Dad, are you sure these doctors and nurses know what they are doing?

These two are inseparable these days. They always say "boys love their mommas"...well this boy LOOOOVVVEESSS his daddy. And what a good Daddy he is. We love him!



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Carson's 1st Trip to Oxford

We ventured to Oxford last weekend for the Ole Miss/Texas game. It was Carson's first trip to Oxford. It was SOOO TOO crowded. I wish I had gotten a picture of us and my parents walking to the Grove...quite comical. We had not 1... but 2 loaded with Carson, one loaded with chairs/food/etc.....pushing strollers in a sea of people is complicated. Sweating hot! But overall, it was a fun day. We got to see some of our favorite people...Ross and Sarah, Leigh Ann & Jason, Kimberly & Bennett! I LOVED reminiscing with Derek about our college days ...He was probably sick of me saying "remember when..." or "don't you wish we could live college over again."

The Shive family did not make it to the game, but loved being back in Oxford and the Grove. The game was at 8:00pm, and I just did not foresee a great 8o'clock attitude from my son nor does he have any "sit still" in him. He loved running wild in The Grove though! I wish we had more time to visit the square and do some more eating and playing. I can not wait to introduce Carson to the rest of Oxford in years to come. Here are a few pics from our weekeend....

Napping in the Grove

Carson & Uncle Ross

For my readers (all 2 of you)....I apologize for my slacking in blog posting. We are still alive and have not gone anywhere. It takes me like 2 full days to write a post so that is why they do not come very often. Just while I have been writing this, Carson has broken off the knob to the china cabinet, got stuck under my bed,  thrown at least 4 toys in the garbage can, and required consoling twice for getting hurt in some way. :)

Another great happening of this month....two of my bestfriends, Mollie & Kimberly, are having babies!!!! Yes, like at the same time!! They are both going to be such great mothers...and their husbands are going to make such great fathers as well.  I am so very happy for them and can not wait to get my hands on those babies! Kimberly is having a wonderful!! I'm trying to teach Carson his best manners so that maybe if Bennett allows.... she will be his girlfriend ;) so far we have got awhiles to go on the "how to treat girls" mannersthough (I caught him pushing a girl off a riding toy at daycare so that he could ride it). Anyways Congrats Mollie & Ross and Kimberly & Bennett...i love yall to pieces!!

Here are some random photos of what Mr. Carson has been up to the past few months...

Daddy trying to introduce Carson to deer early.
Carson & my Granny. How pretty is she. I hope I look like her when I am a GREAT grandmother of three.
How big does he look in his bed?
more climbing

Saturday, August 25, 2012

1 year old

My baby boy is a 1 year old. I write this post with tears in my eyes. These tears are tears of thankfulness and love as I reflect back over the past year.  I can not even remember life before I met this precious little soul named Carson. To be his mom, has been the greatest joy of my life. I pray constantly for God to guide me in being his mother. I feel this enormous responsibility to make him into a "decent' human being. I pray that I can lead him to God and show him His great love and forgiveness. If I teach him anything in life, I hope it is to love. I hope he loves life regardless of its circumstances. I hope he loves people regardless of what or who they are.

A HUGE thank you to all who attended his lil first birthday party. So happy to have so many friends and family who love our boy like we do to help us celebrate this special day and his special self. My heart is so full. This time last year I had not known this incredible love that I know now. The love between a mother and a child is just something undescrible. It gives me a picture of what God's love for us really is all about. A very special thank you to my parents who helped me clean a disaster of a house and help set everything up for his party. This entire first year I could not have done without them.

We had a "You are my sunshine" birthday party to celebrate Carson's first year of life. This song is just pefect for Carson. He is just like a beam of bright sunny happiness and joy in our life. He makes everyone happy even when the skies in their life may be grey. My mom always sang this to my brother and I when we were little. Even up until the days when she was waking us up in highschool. Ha....I am beginning to learn your babies are always your babies.

My sweet so talented friend Jana Rodrigues took some1 year old shots of Carson last week and I am obsessed. Here are a few.........


I'm in love with these pics!! Jana is just fabulous!!
Here are a few pics from his birthday.....I am so sad that I did not take more.
 My lil one year is now bottle and baby food free and is drinking all whole milk. Good bye formula. He has moved up to a new room at daycare. The toddler room. What?? Toddler?? He now gets 1 nap a day (11-1) and has to sleep on a mat on the floor. Eats lunch and breakfast at daycare. Gets to go outside and play in a big playroom with lots of fun activities all day. Such a big boy!
Happy Birthday Carson. Love you sugar!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Stalk

Ok yall!! I have made it no secert. I am a stalker. My name is Jessica, and I stalk blogs. I confess.

And of the blogs I stalk, its been a month for rejoicing. I already shared lil Lucy's blog with great news this month with cancer free scans. And now I want to share another blog I have been following (following is a more pleasant word to use instead of stalking).

This couple has struggled with infertility and have been waiting, waiting, and waiting to adopt a baby. Well guess what?? THEY GOT THEIR BABY GIRL!!! This couple seems like such a sweet couple. She talks about how she can not wait for the sleepless nights & the spit ups. Goodness...just warms my heart for them.

Here's some happiness for your tuesday morning. Read

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Go Lucy Go!

Once again in the news and media, our world is surrounded with violence, tragedy, and senseless loss of life. Sometimes it seems like their is only evil in this world, you wonder where God is in this world and has everyone forgotten Him?

 I wanted to share an uplifting story and blog I have been following that shows miracles still happen, people are still praying, people are still praising Him and giving Him the glory. People have not lost hope.

This mother's blog is

Her little girl, Lucy, has been battling cancer. And to say battle is an understatement. She has had brain surgery a handfull of times, clear cancer scans only to then face many setbacks along the way. But today this little girl has once again received clear scans. 1000s are praying for this girl. Her face reminds me of an angel....and symbolizes everything innocent, pure, and good in this world. She still displays a beautiful contagious smile despite her circumstances. And her mother displays everything a mother should be. She has had to leave her other 2 children and a once normal life to be with her daughter. I can not imagine watching my child suffer and struggle as Lucy has.

I share this blog in hopes to find more to pray for Lucy. She still has a long road of recovery, but today her family is rejoicing and happy. Go Lucy Go is their slogan!!

Go Lucy Go!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

11 months

Carson is e-l-e-v-e-n months tomorrow. AHHH!! I'm hoping this month stretches out and lasts a long time. I'm just now realizing I'm a little emotional over this whole turning 1 thing. I tear up pretty frequently just thinking how fast he has grown. Is it dramatic to keep thinking "he's all grown up." YES IT IS! I'm such a sentimental person.....I keep thinking that soon it will be that I'll never feed him another bottle :( I'll never feed him baby food again :( I'm sad that this "baby phase" is over. Dont get me wrong....the "baby life" can be a bit be a whole lot challenging!!! but ohso wonderful too! And do not get me wrong, while I am having a huge pity party that "baby life" has faded away when I was not looking....I am so very thankful for the year of smiles, laughs, happiness, great health. It has been a year full of nothing but blessings. I have learned so much in this past year. A year ago I did not know how to change a diaper or buckle up a carseat in 2.5 seconds with my eyes closed. My life today does not even remotely resemble the life I had 365 days is SO much better!

What Carson is doing at eleven months:
  • We are in the bottle-sippy cup transition
    • Still taking 3 bottles a day
    • formula milk sippy cup at meals (although not really drinking too much)
    • we have not made the transition to whole milk yet but will in the next couple of weeks
  • We are in the baby food-finger solid foods transition
  • We are doing some "sleeping training" due to the co-sleeping that has some how entered our house. Past week has been a complete success, fingers crossed.
  • He is WALKING!!!! I have tried to upload video and it just wont upload?
  • Carson Shive LOOOVVESSSS his grandparents....he does not want to leave them
  • He is holding the phone up to his ear saying "hewo"
  • He brushes his hair with a brush
  • Points the remote at the tv
  • Trys to put our shoes on our feet
  • When he drops something he is attempting to say uhoh....but comes out Uh. He can not quite accomplish the oh.
  • Carson also has not been wanting to leave daycare when I pick him up. Where has my lil baby gone to??
Here's Carson making a mess with his dinner

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Summer Time

If you've been wondering what the Shive family has been up to during these sizzling hot summer days.....we've been playing hard!! Carson is completely bored with most of his toys. I find him in the cabinets pulling out pots/pans, in other cabinets pulling out dvd's....just everywhere except for in his box of toys. Soooo Derek and I decided lets go get Carson a REALLLLY FUNNNN toy that will really capture his attention. And maybe we were a little bored and wanted some fun too. SO this is what we got and what we've been up to.....playing in our new tents and tunnel.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Carson's First Vacation

This Shive family has been a traveling lil family this week. I need a vacay from my vacay now.

We started the week out going with my family to Destin. I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE the beach. To me it is just so relaxing, peaceful, carefree and beautiful....paradise....its what I picture heaven looking like.... so needless to say I could not wait to introduce Carson to one of my favorite places in the world and force him hope he loves it as much as I do.

The trip started off a lil rocky. Derek and I knew Carson would not be a great car-rider but we really had no clue how bad it really would be...We left around 5pm in hopes that Carson would go to sleep early and sleep the whole way there. Carson slept the first 3 hours but then he was up....So as he wakes up I'm driving and Derek is trying to entertain in the backseat. Well Carson becomes SO mad that he throws up everywhere. We have to pull over on probably the busiest road on the way to Destin. We undress Carson and he rides diaper only the rest of the way. We arrived at 11pm and were completely exhausted.....well not Carson, he has been asleep for the past few hours so he's wide awake until 2am and wide awake again at 6am. I was inches away from a complete meltdown. But thankfully our beach trip quickly turned around and was a great time the rest of the week. Carson loved the beach, and I think he is pretty pumped for many more beach trips to come. The waves were huge and beautiful, the weather was a perfect with a great breeze and lots of sunshine, lots and lots of yummy seafood was eaten. Derek and I had a great date night with the Edgar family, and my nervous nelly self even rode jet skis. My brother and his girlfriend, Sarah were also present for the beach vacation. I have never seen the flirtly smiles and googly eyes Carson gave Sarah. I think he has found his first crush. It was a great first vacation! Here are a few pics from our first beach vacay as a family of 3.

We ended the week with a trip to Shereveport for Derek's family reunion. It was Carson's first Shive family reunion. I may be wrong, but I think he is the one to carry on the Shive family name...isn't that sweet :) We had a great time. Carson's baby cousin Dylan was there, and Carson even gave Dylan a few kisses (that'll be a great story to tell them when they are older and "too cool"). Derek got to take a ride in a helicopter and Carson rode on a carousel. I took no pics:((((super sad!

We had a great vacation week. But we are very glad to be home sweet home also. Vacation with a lil one is not really "vacation".

Friday, June 22, 2012

10 months


10 months old????!!!???? That's way too close to a 1 year old. really 2 months away. Has it really almost been a year? Where has the time gone? My Oh my! But yes my sweet-wild baby boy turned 10 months this week.


What Carson is doing at 10 months:

-he has about 80% mastered the sippy cup.

-we are trying finger foods (carrots, greenbeans, peaches, pears). He eats about 25% of his meals finger foods and the rest baby food still. (So yes we are buying everything on the baby food aisle baby food, puffs, formula, juice, bottles, sippy cups, spoons, bowls,diapers, wipes)

-ear infection ear infection ear infection. I feel as if tubes will be in our near future crib loving good sleeping baby is no longer that. Possibly blame the ear infections? Possibly the terrible habits I have begun to participate in to get him to sleep? Never say never. Before I was a mother....I often say I will never do that with him my child. Ohhhh You do what ya gotta do.

-He is taking steps....not sure if i can call this walking....but more like taking steps.

-had his first beach trip

-first Shive family reunion

-not a great car rideron trips

-clapping his hands....even to the song "if you are happy and you know it"

-waving and saying byebye

-giving the sweetest open mouth slobber kisses

-has 3 teeth...working on #4


Few photos of Carson's 10th month


Riding his choo-choo

Notice Carson standing on his tippy toes

Already taking Daddy's money


Trying to find out what's for supper