Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dreams for my precious child

This is a completely random lil event in my life but wanted to share with the rest of my readers if you are also feeling like this world is heading straight for u know where.

Sunday at church there was a young man who played the violin during the service. He was very talented and did a great fabulous, incredible, amazing job. This young man was probably highschool or young college age? He was an African American man and very handsome......

These days my world revolves around being a mother. About 80% of my daily thoughts probably are regarding Carson. So of course I go to thinking about this boy's mother...I had spotted her across the pews. And I could not help but think of how proud she must be of her son. I literally fought back tears the entire time he played.

So anways...As I watched him play, he was not just playing like ok someone asked me to do this so i am going to stand up here play this instrument and be done with it. He played with an obvious passion. He was really incredible. As I watched his mom, she was wiping tears from her face. When he finished, everyone was clapping, but she was clapping the hardest with her hands literally above her head. I'm sure she has seen him play many times, before but she was still oh so proud. I was even proud of him, and I do not even know him so I can only imagine how proud she was of him....for SO many reasons. He was a young male playing an amazingly beautiful song praising our God. How could that not warm any mother's heart. I could picture this mother dreaming of her son's future as she rocked him at night when he was a baby hoping he would one day become something grand. I wonder if she could even imagine how grand her son would turn out. I wonder if she felt this huge sense of accomplishment for raising a son who turned out so talented and passionate. I felt these things for her. I wanted to ask her please tell me everthing you did to get your son to turn out the way he did so that I can do just that for Carson...but of course I didn't. So many things warmed my heart about this boy and made me think of my dreams and prayers for Carson and for the person he is to become.

It was a precious sight to see on a Sunday morning since all you hear in the the news and current events are constant reporting of senseless ignorant murders and losses of precious lives amongst young males (i.e. Trayvon Martin, JSU killing this weekend, and killing at MSU). I can not help but to think of the mothers of these "children" as well. Not just the victims' mothers but the shooters' mothers as well. Didn't they have high hopes and dreams for their children just as I do for Carson? how can it all go so wrong? Anywho, since I can not figure out the world's problems, I'll just continue to lift my son up to the Lord and that He will guide us in raising him.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

7 months

Happy 7 months Carson!
Baby boy turned 7 months old this month. Although he looks about 3 years old in this little polo. He's celebrating St. Patricks day in his green here.

4 words that sum up this seventh month: separation anxiety, inquisitive, strong willed, crawling

Carson's mommy has always had some separation anxiety since the day he was born whenever I leave him, but now my sweet lil Carson has it too. He does not want to be left in a room alone. If I walk through the room where he is and do not pay attention to him, he lets out a scream like he lost his bestfriend and pooches his sweet lil lip out. It's quite cute actually. He and I may have been in the same room for 30 minutes with him playing alone not paying me any attention, but the second I walk out of the room he's not happy. Funny lil thing!

Carson is crawling. I would love to post a cute video of it...but I am not that advanced with this whole blog thing yet. His form is not all that great yet, but he gets where he intends to be. And he intends to be EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING. Here are a few photos of his new skill.

My lil Carson has become quite the strong willed lil character...actually he really has been since birth, but it is really showing now.

Below is a few photos of what Carson has been up to this month...

Visiting with his best bud Hudson


playing hardcore. Do you think he has more than enough toys? These are just the living room toys. Bedroom floor is covered as well. Thank you Honey and Mimi!
playing on his daddy's head
playing with his friend Reagan, born 2 weeks apart
sleeping with his booty up

Trying to drink from sippy cup. Do not let the pic fool you he has no clue what he is doing.
Happy 7 months to my sunshine. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Growing like a weed

Carson has mastered sitting up. He's been sitting up for the past few weeks but still would just flop right over sometimes but he's got it now. Everything is happening so quick....TOO QUICK!! Just this week since my last post, he is getting up on all 4s and rocking back in forth. I'm in a mad dash to find the most baby-ish clothes in town at an attempt to slow him down and keep him my lil baby boy for as long as I can.

I've always said and often have heard other people say.....How can people not believe in God when you watch a baby grow in your belly and then be born? Such a miracle....that can only come from something far bigger than us. Something this special and wonderful does not just occur out of nowhere. But I have begun to feel the same way watching Carson grow. Just watching him grow so quickly and become so alert....I feel like each new stage is a miracle and a joy from above. I'm not teaching him to do these just happens...which is what really makes it so amazing.

ok, ok, ok enough sappy mushy mommy talk.  I could talk about him for hours and hours. Here are a few photos of Carson demonstrating his new sit up abilities.