Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ugly Truths

I recently came across a blog of a girl who writes a "Keepin it Real" blog every Friday. She's a mother who decided to write a blog entry every Friday stating the real truth-not sugar coated regarding her life. It's quite funny, and I can totally relate to a lot of the stuff she writes. So often us women try to act like we have everything all together and maybe some of you truly do, but I most certainly have never fallen into the category of "having it all together". I fit more into the "helter-skelter" way of life. And more recently as I have become a mother, I have slipped farther away from ever being in the category of "having it all together".

So here's me keeping it real......

My Ugly Truths:
1. Daycare has called me before saying I did not bring anything for Carson to eat that day (and I mean NOTHING).
2. I have stood at the daycare door and completely forgotten the code to get in after putting it in for 6 months straight.
3. I use to have a mild panic attack if Carson got off his lil daily schedule. My life may be poorly organized and helter skelter, but I can say Carson is ON a real deal schedule...same thing, same time everyday.
4. I do not always wash my child's new clothes before he wears them for the first time.
5.  When I arrive at work, I often find myself checking Carson's carseat to make sure I remembered to drop him off at daycare. So far so good.
6. Carson has no cute organized lil scrapbook documenting his life....his sweet cousin Leigh Ann made me one that's adorable, and she made it so easy so that all I have to do is tape photos or things in it. Well the fartherest I have gotten is piling things on top of the scrapbook to someday SOON put them in it. But hey he does have a blog documenting his life!
7. I make Carson's bottles as we are flying out of the door in the morning. (Not as a smart mother would do the night before)
8. As I type this, I have clothes that have been in the washer since yesterday afternoon.
9. I have gone to work with no makeup on because I forgot.

I could go on and on, but I will stop before DHS comes to take my child.....I think you get the picture.

Although I sure have a messy unorganized life, I LOVE IT....ITS PERFECT! THANK U GOD. I COULD NOT ASK FOR MORE.

I guess he can not find the section of the newspaper he is looking for. Never a dull moment :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eight months

Carson turned 8 months this week. We have been together for almost 250 days....although it seems like a lifetime...I can't even remember what it was like before him. Sometimes when I think back to my life before him I feel as if that was a different person. I absolutely love life with Carson.....yes before him I had a lot more free time, I got a lot more rest, took naps, caught a lot more good tv, watched more movies, shopped more,  but who needs any of that, my time with Carson is much more precious.

What Carson is doing at 8 months:
-Sleeping good (730ish-630ish). An occasional pacifier re-insert during the night.
-No pacifier during the day. This was just a spontaneous achievement. One weekend I noticed Hey, we have not had the passy all weekend unless we were sleeping...and its stuck. Horray.
-Eating 3 meals a day of baby food with 4 bottles a day.
-Just started this week trying out some Graduate Puffs and Yogurt melts. He loves them...and I love them because they keep him busy.
-Crawling on all 4s with tummy off ground, no more "army crawl"
-Pulling up on everything. Mostly the things that are easy to fall over on top of him or that slide away from him.
-We have lowered the crib due to his new stand up abilities. I am not loving how much of a big boy bed it looks like now.
-We have 2 lil baby teeth now.
-He's babbling mama and dada but not really using them specific yet...just play talking. Although I have noticed if he wants something, its "mama".
-He likes playing the game "i'm gonna get you." He gets so tickled everytime we say this and will start crawling towards us quickly just giggling.
-He's a busy body. He goes nonstop.

A few 8 month photos
Standing up in his crib

Carson loves chasing Barkley & Barkley loves licking Carson
Carson loves playing with anything but his toys

Happy 8 months Carson! I am so thankful to be your mommy.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Carson's 1st Easter

Easter is my favorite!!!!

Who does not love all the pastel and bright colors, baby bunnies and chicks, Easter eggs &basket, lil boy seesucker outfits? I DO!!!!! but as fun as I think all that is....there's so much more to Easter that makes it even better....the meaning of Easter....that death is not the end, that I am forgiven for my sins, that there is a perfect Heaven with no pain and no sadness.

We celebrated Easter Saturday afternoon in Yazoo City with Derek's family. Ate we too much and lots of laughs. The Easter Bunny even showed up....and Carson was not so sure he wanted to make friends with the Easter Bunny. He has yet to show much fear of anything yet...but he sure wanted to keep an eye on this Easter Bunny. Pics below. We also got to see baby cousin Dylan...who is just the sweetest most handsome baby...I hardly heard a peep out of him all day. He's a sweetie.

This is cousins Carson and Dylan checking each other out on their 1st Easter. Can't wait for many many Easter hunts to come with these two.

We celebrated Easter late Saturday afternoon with my dad's family. On Sunday we attended church and lunch with my mom's family. Carson's uncle Ross was in town for Easter too; it was great seeing him. No pics taken :( We had a wonderful Easter!  He Has Risen!!

Carson digging into his first Easter basket. The easter bunny brought teeting rings that you can put in freezer, new socks, lotion, few toys, and some bubbles :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter pics

I wanted to share Carson's Easter photos we had done by the so fabulous Jana Rodriques.

Happy Easter to all!! HE HAS RISEN!! For this is not the end. He is making all things new again.