Monday, June 25, 2012

Carson's First Vacation

This Shive family has been a traveling lil family this week. I need a vacay from my vacay now.

We started the week out going with my family to Destin. I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE the beach. To me it is just so relaxing, peaceful, carefree and beautiful....paradise....its what I picture heaven looking like.... so needless to say I could not wait to introduce Carson to one of my favorite places in the world and force him hope he loves it as much as I do.

The trip started off a lil rocky. Derek and I knew Carson would not be a great car-rider but we really had no clue how bad it really would be...We left around 5pm in hopes that Carson would go to sleep early and sleep the whole way there. Carson slept the first 3 hours but then he was up....So as he wakes up I'm driving and Derek is trying to entertain in the backseat. Well Carson becomes SO mad that he throws up everywhere. We have to pull over on probably the busiest road on the way to Destin. We undress Carson and he rides diaper only the rest of the way. We arrived at 11pm and were completely exhausted.....well not Carson, he has been asleep for the past few hours so he's wide awake until 2am and wide awake again at 6am. I was inches away from a complete meltdown. But thankfully our beach trip quickly turned around and was a great time the rest of the week. Carson loved the beach, and I think he is pretty pumped for many more beach trips to come. The waves were huge and beautiful, the weather was a perfect with a great breeze and lots of sunshine, lots and lots of yummy seafood was eaten. Derek and I had a great date night with the Edgar family, and my nervous nelly self even rode jet skis. My brother and his girlfriend, Sarah were also present for the beach vacation. I have never seen the flirtly smiles and googly eyes Carson gave Sarah. I think he has found his first crush. It was a great first vacation! Here are a few pics from our first beach vacay as a family of 3.

We ended the week with a trip to Shereveport for Derek's family reunion. It was Carson's first Shive family reunion. I may be wrong, but I think he is the one to carry on the Shive family name...isn't that sweet :) We had a great time. Carson's baby cousin Dylan was there, and Carson even gave Dylan a few kisses (that'll be a great story to tell them when they are older and "too cool"). Derek got to take a ride in a helicopter and Carson rode on a carousel. I took no pics:((((super sad!

We had a great vacation week. But we are very glad to be home sweet home also. Vacation with a lil one is not really "vacation".

Friday, June 22, 2012

10 months


10 months old????!!!???? That's way too close to a 1 year old. really 2 months away. Has it really almost been a year? Where has the time gone? My Oh my! But yes my sweet-wild baby boy turned 10 months this week.


What Carson is doing at 10 months:

-he has about 80% mastered the sippy cup.

-we are trying finger foods (carrots, greenbeans, peaches, pears). He eats about 25% of his meals finger foods and the rest baby food still. (So yes we are buying everything on the baby food aisle baby food, puffs, formula, juice, bottles, sippy cups, spoons, bowls,diapers, wipes)

-ear infection ear infection ear infection. I feel as if tubes will be in our near future crib loving good sleeping baby is no longer that. Possibly blame the ear infections? Possibly the terrible habits I have begun to participate in to get him to sleep? Never say never. Before I was a mother....I often say I will never do that with him my child. Ohhhh You do what ya gotta do.

-He is taking steps....not sure if i can call this walking....but more like taking steps.

-had his first beach trip

-first Shive family reunion

-not a great car rideron trips

-clapping his hands....even to the song "if you are happy and you know it"

-waving and saying byebye

-giving the sweetest open mouth slobber kisses

-has 3 teeth...working on #4


Few photos of Carson's 10th month


Riding his choo-choo

Notice Carson standing on his tippy toes

Already taking Daddy's money


Trying to find out what's for supper