Saturday, July 21, 2012

Go Lucy Go!

Once again in the news and media, our world is surrounded with violence, tragedy, and senseless loss of life. Sometimes it seems like their is only evil in this world, you wonder where God is in this world and has everyone forgotten Him?

 I wanted to share an uplifting story and blog I have been following that shows miracles still happen, people are still praying, people are still praising Him and giving Him the glory. People have not lost hope.

This mother's blog is

Her little girl, Lucy, has been battling cancer. And to say battle is an understatement. She has had brain surgery a handfull of times, clear cancer scans only to then face many setbacks along the way. But today this little girl has once again received clear scans. 1000s are praying for this girl. Her face reminds me of an angel....and symbolizes everything innocent, pure, and good in this world. She still displays a beautiful contagious smile despite her circumstances. And her mother displays everything a mother should be. She has had to leave her other 2 children and a once normal life to be with her daughter. I can not imagine watching my child suffer and struggle as Lucy has.

I share this blog in hopes to find more to pray for Lucy. She still has a long road of recovery, but today her family is rejoicing and happy. Go Lucy Go is their slogan!!

Go Lucy Go!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

11 months

Carson is e-l-e-v-e-n months tomorrow. AHHH!! I'm hoping this month stretches out and lasts a long time. I'm just now realizing I'm a little emotional over this whole turning 1 thing. I tear up pretty frequently just thinking how fast he has grown. Is it dramatic to keep thinking "he's all grown up." YES IT IS! I'm such a sentimental person.....I keep thinking that soon it will be that I'll never feed him another bottle :( I'll never feed him baby food again :( I'm sad that this "baby phase" is over. Dont get me wrong....the "baby life" can be a bit be a whole lot challenging!!! but ohso wonderful too! And do not get me wrong, while I am having a huge pity party that "baby life" has faded away when I was not looking....I am so very thankful for the year of smiles, laughs, happiness, great health. It has been a year full of nothing but blessings. I have learned so much in this past year. A year ago I did not know how to change a diaper or buckle up a carseat in 2.5 seconds with my eyes closed. My life today does not even remotely resemble the life I had 365 days is SO much better!

What Carson is doing at eleven months:
  • We are in the bottle-sippy cup transition
    • Still taking 3 bottles a day
    • formula milk sippy cup at meals (although not really drinking too much)
    • we have not made the transition to whole milk yet but will in the next couple of weeks
  • We are in the baby food-finger solid foods transition
  • We are doing some "sleeping training" due to the co-sleeping that has some how entered our house. Past week has been a complete success, fingers crossed.
  • He is WALKING!!!! I have tried to upload video and it just wont upload?
  • Carson Shive LOOOVVESSSS his grandparents....he does not want to leave them
  • He is holding the phone up to his ear saying "hewo"
  • He brushes his hair with a brush
  • Points the remote at the tv
  • Trys to put our shoes on our feet
  • When he drops something he is attempting to say uhoh....but comes out Uh. He can not quite accomplish the oh.
  • Carson also has not been wanting to leave daycare when I pick him up. Where has my lil baby gone to??
Here's Carson making a mess with his dinner

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Summer Time

If you've been wondering what the Shive family has been up to during these sizzling hot summer days.....we've been playing hard!! Carson is completely bored with most of his toys. I find him in the cabinets pulling out pots/pans, in other cabinets pulling out dvd's....just everywhere except for in his box of toys. Soooo Derek and I decided lets go get Carson a REALLLLY FUNNNN toy that will really capture his attention. And maybe we were a little bored and wanted some fun too. SO this is what we got and what we've been up to.....playing in our new tents and tunnel.