Saturday, August 25, 2012

1 year old

My baby boy is a 1 year old. I write this post with tears in my eyes. These tears are tears of thankfulness and love as I reflect back over the past year.  I can not even remember life before I met this precious little soul named Carson. To be his mom, has been the greatest joy of my life. I pray constantly for God to guide me in being his mother. I feel this enormous responsibility to make him into a "decent' human being. I pray that I can lead him to God and show him His great love and forgiveness. If I teach him anything in life, I hope it is to love. I hope he loves life regardless of its circumstances. I hope he loves people regardless of what or who they are.

A HUGE thank you to all who attended his lil first birthday party. So happy to have so many friends and family who love our boy like we do to help us celebrate this special day and his special self. My heart is so full. This time last year I had not known this incredible love that I know now. The love between a mother and a child is just something undescrible. It gives me a picture of what God's love for us really is all about. A very special thank you to my parents who helped me clean a disaster of a house and help set everything up for his party. This entire first year I could not have done without them.

We had a "You are my sunshine" birthday party to celebrate Carson's first year of life. This song is just pefect for Carson. He is just like a beam of bright sunny happiness and joy in our life. He makes everyone happy even when the skies in their life may be grey. My mom always sang this to my brother and I when we were little. Even up until the days when she was waking us up in highschool. Ha....I am beginning to learn your babies are always your babies.

My sweet so talented friend Jana Rodrigues took some1 year old shots of Carson last week and I am obsessed. Here are a few.........


I'm in love with these pics!! Jana is just fabulous!!
Here are a few pics from his birthday.....I am so sad that I did not take more.
 My lil one year is now bottle and baby food free and is drinking all whole milk. Good bye formula. He has moved up to a new room at daycare. The toddler room. What?? Toddler?? He now gets 1 nap a day (11-1) and has to sleep on a mat on the floor. Eats lunch and breakfast at daycare. Gets to go outside and play in a big playroom with lots of fun activities all day. Such a big boy!
Happy Birthday Carson. Love you sugar!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Stalk

Ok yall!! I have made it no secert. I am a stalker. My name is Jessica, and I stalk blogs. I confess.

And of the blogs I stalk, its been a month for rejoicing. I already shared lil Lucy's blog with great news this month with cancer free scans. And now I want to share another blog I have been following (following is a more pleasant word to use instead of stalking).

This couple has struggled with infertility and have been waiting, waiting, and waiting to adopt a baby. Well guess what?? THEY GOT THEIR BABY GIRL!!! This couple seems like such a sweet couple. She talks about how she can not wait for the sleepless nights & the spit ups. Goodness...just warms my heart for them.

Here's some happiness for your tuesday morning. Read