Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Stalk

Ok yall!! I have made it no secert. I am a stalker. My name is Jessica, and I stalk blogs. I confess.

And of the blogs I stalk, its been a month for rejoicing. I already shared lil Lucy's blog with great news this month with cancer free scans. And now I want to share another blog I have been following (following is a more pleasant word to use instead of stalking).

This couple has struggled with infertility and have been waiting, waiting, and waiting to adopt a baby. Well guess what?? THEY GOT THEIR BABY GIRL!!! This couple seems like such a sweet couple. She talks about how she can not wait for the sleepless nights & the spit ups. Goodness...just warms my heart for them.

Here's some happiness for your tuesday morning. Read

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