Saturday, September 22, 2012

Carson's 1st Trip to Oxford

We ventured to Oxford last weekend for the Ole Miss/Texas game. It was Carson's first trip to Oxford. It was SOOO TOO crowded. I wish I had gotten a picture of us and my parents walking to the Grove...quite comical. We had not 1... but 2 loaded with Carson, one loaded with chairs/food/etc.....pushing strollers in a sea of people is complicated. Sweating hot! But overall, it was a fun day. We got to see some of our favorite people...Ross and Sarah, Leigh Ann & Jason, Kimberly & Bennett! I LOVED reminiscing with Derek about our college days ...He was probably sick of me saying "remember when..." or "don't you wish we could live college over again."

The Shive family did not make it to the game, but loved being back in Oxford and the Grove. The game was at 8:00pm, and I just did not foresee a great 8o'clock attitude from my son nor does he have any "sit still" in him. He loved running wild in The Grove though! I wish we had more time to visit the square and do some more eating and playing. I can not wait to introduce Carson to the rest of Oxford in years to come. Here are a few pics from our weekeend....

Napping in the Grove

Carson & Uncle Ross

For my readers (all 2 of you)....I apologize for my slacking in blog posting. We are still alive and have not gone anywhere. It takes me like 2 full days to write a post so that is why they do not come very often. Just while I have been writing this, Carson has broken off the knob to the china cabinet, got stuck under my bed,  thrown at least 4 toys in the garbage can, and required consoling twice for getting hurt in some way. :)

Another great happening of this month....two of my bestfriends, Mollie & Kimberly, are having babies!!!! Yes, like at the same time!! They are both going to be such great mothers...and their husbands are going to make such great fathers as well.  I am so very happy for them and can not wait to get my hands on those babies! Kimberly is having a wonderful!! I'm trying to teach Carson his best manners so that maybe if Bennett allows.... she will be his girlfriend ;) so far we have got awhiles to go on the "how to treat girls" mannersthough (I caught him pushing a girl off a riding toy at daycare so that he could ride it). Anyways Congrats Mollie & Ross and Kimberly & Bennett...i love yall to pieces!!

Here are some random photos of what Mr. Carson has been up to the past few months...

Daddy trying to introduce Carson to deer early.
Carson & my Granny. How pretty is she. I hope I look like her when I am a GREAT grandmother of three.
How big does he look in his bed?
more climbing

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