Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Fall time...


We took two trips to Lena this November to see my Memaw and PawPaw. One just to visit and one for Thanksgiving.


Carson & PawPaw


Here is Carson in my cousin Christy's little girl's Leanna's Barbie Jeep.

This is Carson sitting in front of my grandparents barn (AKA shed painted like a barn)

Out in the country was the best place for our lil wild bull to play. He loved walking and running around and I loved it because I did not have to constantly pull him away from everything. He also loved chasing Miss Kitty around.....poor cat.




Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall time..

Whew Oct and Nov have gone in a flash...

Halloween 2012

We went with our friends Kristin & Hudson to Broadmoar's Fall Festival. The boys are not quite old enough to really get into it. But they we had a good time chatting and strolling and looking.
We also took a trip to New Orleans in early November with my parents & ross and sarah....This is us eating at Middendorfs
New Orleans injury...lil wild Indian slammed his face into the corner of the table. He recovered quickly and only cried about a grand total of 45 seconds :)

Our attempt at a family picture at the aquarium was a fail. I am not so sure our lil Carson even saw 1 fish or animal at the aquarium; he was far too busy running crazy! You can not hold him still these day. He is full speed at all times.
Derek & I
More of fall festivies to come....