Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall time..

Whew Oct and Nov have gone in a flash...

Halloween 2012

We went with our friends Kristin & Hudson to Broadmoar's Fall Festival. The boys are not quite old enough to really get into it. But they we had a good time chatting and strolling and looking.
We also took a trip to New Orleans in early November with my parents & ross and sarah....This is us eating at Middendorfs
New Orleans injury...lil wild Indian slammed his face into the corner of the table. He recovered quickly and only cried about a grand total of 45 seconds :)

Our attempt at a family picture at the aquarium was a fail. I am not so sure our lil Carson even saw 1 fish or animal at the aquarium; he was far too busy running crazy! You can not hold him still these day. He is full speed at all times.
Derek & I
More of fall festivies to come....

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